Cafe-bar area of 106 m2, with the original design hotel.
The cafe is located on the ground floor of a new residential building.
Comprising: lounge with bar at 40 to 45 seats with three levels (low, medium, bar), kitchen, bathroom.
 Good acoustics and noise - insulation, outdoor advertising (light box with the name of places 400/100 cm).
Facility is equipped with: video surveillance (internet), hood, adjustable air conditioning for ventilation, audio system (six speakers, remote control, stereo amplifier, subwoofer, laser, raptor), two w / a tv., Several types of lighting and LED.
The kitchen includes a bulky cabinets to store food and utensils, two washing the surface, desk, refrigerator, water heater, electric. oven, grill, deep fryer, microwave oven. The bar is equipped with: stationary coffee machine, coffee grinder, dishwasher, kettle, shelves and cupboards, worktop. All furniture is made to order places. The room is located in the city of Burgas, in a prestigious quarter. The cafe is located a 15-minute walk from the beach, the hotel is located next to "blue". Meets all the requirements and standards. All received certificates and permits for this type of business. Opportunity to put tables outside.

Price: 100 000 €
Area: 106.00 м²
Type: Бизнес
Category: Бары и рестораны
Deal type: Продажа
Completeness: АКТ 16
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