The clothing factory is located in a small own, in Pazardjik region, 85 kilometers away from Sofia and 60 kilometers away from Plovdiv. The main building of the factory is renovated and modern equipped. The place can be used for the development of different kind of business and production activities. The company is without obligations, there are signed long-term contracts with partners.

The factory is placed on a plot with area of 5000 square meters, the built up area of the factory is 2100 square meters.

The factory consists of production building, building for the security and hangar. The equipment of the factory can be offered to the client for extra payment.

The main building consists of two floors and is placed on a sloped plot. There are inside big hall in which is performed the production process, ground floor, storages, dining room for the stuff, dress room, two floor office with living area, design room. There are local healing system, air conditioning system, freight elevator.

The hangar is situated next to the main building. It is built up by metal and is used as a storage.

The security building is a house with two rooms and corridor. One of the rooms is used as an office.

The factory offers 120 working place, there are 60 employers. The company starts its activity in 2009.

Price: 120 000 €
Area: 2 100.00 м²
Land area: 5 000.00 м²
Type: Бизнес
Category: Одежды и обуви
Deal type: Продажа
Completeness: АКТ 16
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